Looking for Animal Trapping Services in Michigan?

We can remove raccoons, coyotes, moles and more from your property

When unwanted animals find their way onto your property, it's not always clear how to handle them. That's why Mayhem Bat Control And Nuisance Animal Trapping LLC offers thorough animal trapping services in the Lennon and Swartz Creek, MI area. From coyotes and raccoons to moles and squirrels, you can rely on us to deal with any animal. We take pride in our safe, efficient and humane animal trapping and removal services.

Get in touch with our animal trapper today to request a thorough inspection of your property.

Which animals can we trap and remove?

Our animal trapper will take great care to humanely trap and release any animals we find on your property. You can depend on us to remove...

  • Coyotes and foxes
  • Red squirrels and groundhogs
  • Raccoons and skunks
  • Moles, voles and muskrats

Not sure which animal is wreaking havoc on your property? Don't worry - we'll help you identify the species and set appropriate traps.