Offering Efficient Bat Control Services in Lennon and Swartz Creek, MI

Depend on us to promptly remove bats from your property

Are you hearing strange scratching or squeaking sounds? Have you noticed unexplained ammonia odors? If you suspect you have a bat problem, turn to Mayhem Bat Control And Nuisance Animal Trapping LLC for bat removal services in Lennon or Swartz Creek, MI. We have the animal knowledge and attention to detail to carefully and humanely find, remove and relocate any bats in your home.

Reach out to us at 810-247-2850 to schedule our efficient bat control services.

Which animals can we trap and remove?

When you hire us for a bat removal inspection, we'll thoroughly search your house from top to bottom to locate the bat's entry point and hideout. Using visual inspections and thermal imaging, we'll check out your...

  • Roof and ridge cap
  • Soffit and flashing
  • Trim and siding
  • Attic and chimney
  • Foundation and crawlspace

After locating the source of your bat control issue, we'll remove all of the bats we find. We also recommend scheduling attic remediation services to eliminate any health risks or property damage.